Our Institutional Partners

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve is regulated and financially supported by Environment Yukon. The establishment and operation of a wildlife conservation, education and viewing facility is regulated by the Wildlife Act of the Yukon Territory. The Act outlines the standards for animal care and treatment, including import and export of wildlife.

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve is committed to hold institutional membership in the Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA-AZAC). CAZA-AZAC has established a comprehensive code of ethics, guidelines and mandatory standards for animal care and trade. Membership in the national zoological association is cvonsidered a prerequisite to operating a progressive zoological institution. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve achieved Full, Unconditional, CAZA-AZAC Accreditation in September 2012.

The Yukon's Department of Education provides support for our curriculum-linked school programs. Our educational programs encourage awareness of northern wildlife and respect for our environment.