Grade 4 - Wild Habitats

Spring Season: Up to 48 students (2 classes)
Full Day Program  (5 hour)
9:15am to 2:15pm

Students will participate in a focused investigation of the dynamic relationships that define wildlife in the Yukon. Through story-telling, wildlife observation and experiential games students will discover that they are inseparable from nature.

Teachers are responsible for Bus/transportation:

  • To and from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve;
  • First 30 minutes after scheduled arrival time;
  • Last 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Curriculum Connections: 

We've updated our programs to reflect the new curriculum!

  • All living things sense & respond to their environment
    • How is sensing and responding related to interdependence in an ecosystem
  • Biomes as large regions with similar environmental features
    • biomes are classified by areas with similar temperatures/precipitation
    • terrestrial & aquatic biomes

How to Book

To make a booking call Breanna at 456-7400 or email

We will need the following information to make a booking:

  • Preferred dates:
  • Preferred time (morning or afternoon):
  • Your school:
  • Teacher Name(s) (if more than one class is coming, we'll need contacts for each class);
  • Email addresses (if different from the standard
  • Grade(s) and class sizes:
    • We can accept two classes (not exceeding 48 students)
  • Your mode of transportation to and from the Preserve (yellow bus, white 20-24 passenger bus, personal vehicles, etc):
  • Any special needs - especially mobility related disabilities (the more we know the better experience we can provide you):