Grade 9 - Sexual Reproduction

Fall/Winter Season: Up to 26 students (1 class)
Half Day Program  (2 1/2 hour)
9:00am to 11:30am or 12:00pm to 2:30pm

Sexual reproducation is more than a cellular phenomena – there are many, complex processes that take place leading up to and following conception. In this program, students use a combination of observation, story-telling and investigation to explore how sexual reproduction fits into the lives of Yukon’s wildlife. The program focuses on the reproductive cycle through investigation of:

  • Primary and secondary sex characteristics to determine sexual dimorphism
  • Mating behaviour through story-telling and exploring our own connection with the land;
  • How a fetus is brought to term (includes examining a bison fetus).
  • A visit to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre takes students behind the scenes for hands-on. exploration of how mice raise young (includes optional mice handling).

In Fall/Winter this program takes advantage of animals in fall rut.

Teachers are responsible for Bus/transportation:

  • To and from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve;
  • First 15 minutes after scheduled arrival time;
  • Last 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

How to Book

To make a booking call Breanna at 456-7400 or email 

We will need the following information to make a booking:

  • Your school;
  • Teacher Name(s) (if more than one class is coming, we'll need contacts for each class);
  • Email addresses (if different from the standard;
  • Grade(s) and class sizes:
    • In the fall/winter season we can take groups of up to 26 children; 
  • Your mode of transportation to and from the Preserve (yellow bus, white 20-24 passenger bus, personal vehicles, etc);
  • The dates and times you are interested in;
  • Any special needs - especially mobility related disabilities (the more we know the better experience we can provide you).

We also ask that teachers facilitate parents/guardians signing a photo-release waiver for the trip: YWP Photo Waiver - School Program.pdf