Grade 1 - Critter Classification

Spring Season: Up to 48 students (2 classes)
½ Day Program (2 1/2 hour program)
9:00am to 11:30am or 12:00pm to 2:30pm

While travelling around the Yukon Wildlife Preserve on foot students will engage in an exciting adventure focused on animal and plant classification.  Students will explore the wild and natural world through guided observation, story-telling, classification games, and hands-on activities.    

Teachers are responsible for bus transportation as follows:

  • Transportation to and from Wildlife Preserve;

  • 15 minutes after arrival and 15 minutes before departure (Fall/Winter)

  • Please Note: for Spring season programs, you will need your bus for the entire duration of the program 

Curriculum Connections: 

We've updated the program to reflect the new curriculum!

  • Living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environments
    • classification of living and non-living things
    • names of local plants & animals
  • Observable patterns occur in the local sky & landscape
    • local patterns that occur on the Earth and in the sky
  • Language and Story can be a source of creativity and joy
  • Stories and other texts can be shared through pictures and words

How to Book

To make a booking call Jake at 456-7400 or email 

We will need the following information to make a booking:

  • Your school;
  • Teacher Name(s) (if more than one class is coming, we'll need contacts for each class);
  • Email addresses (if different from the standard;
  • Grade(s) and class sizes:
    • In spring we can accommodate 48 children (two classes);
  • Your mode of transportation to and from the Preserve (yellow bus, white 20-24 passenger bus, personal vehicles, etc);
  • The dates and times you are interested in;
  • Any special needs - especially mobility related disabilities (the more we know the better experience we can provide you).

We also ask that teachers facilitate parents/guardians signing a photo-release waiver for the trip: YWP Photo Waiver - School Program.pdf