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The Preserve will re-open Monday June 1st, 2020

The Preserve is taking a phased approach to opening. We’ll be starting with more limited services. Find out more about what you can expect when you visit.

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We care for Yukon’s injured and orphaned wildlife to give them a second chance at life. Your gift will help us give them the best possible veterinary care – and get them back on their feet or wings!

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Experience Yukon wildlife in their element. Find 12 iconic species in large natural habitats. Walk the 5km loop or join a guided bus tour.

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Iconic Yukon Wildlife

Experience 12+ iconic Yukon species in large natural landscapes. Find out more about the our wildlife.

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Km 8 / Mile 5
Takhini Hot Springs Road
We are located a 30 minute drive from Whitehorse
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Please note: we are not accepting cash on-site at this time. Credit / debit only.

General Admission
$16 / Adult (18+)
$9 / Child (4-17)
$0 / Infant (0-3)

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Bus Tour + General Admission – Available July 1st
$24 / Adult (18+)
$17 / Child (4-17)

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Open Daily
10:30am to 5:30pm
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Guided Bus Tours  Daily Starting July 1st

  • 11 am
  • 2 pm
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Experience Yukon Wildlife

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Experience 12+ iconic Yukon species in large natural landscapes over 350 acres.
Explore the 5km / 3mi (350 acre ) loop on foot or join a guided bus tour.
Open year around so you can experience Yukon wildlife in their element.
Play outside like the good old days with summer Nature Camps and educational programming for schools and groups.

Get a Deeper Appreciation

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Check out our latest articles on Yukon’s wildlife or browse all articles here.

The Life of a Mule Deer

7 minute read - Watching how an animal behaves in its natural environment and towards other individuals has always been fascinating to me, but I could never have predicted that I would find myself crawling around the open prairie grassland to sneak up on mule deer.  ...

Grassland Habitats – Yukon Wildlife Preserve

10 min read -The Yukon Wildlife Preserve features eleven iconic northern animal species, but if you look closely at each of the three primary habitats on the Preserve you’ll see many more species than "only" eleven. The three primary habitats include: grasslands,...

Moose on the Move

3:47 video Our young orphaned moose has outgrown his room in the Preserve's Research and Rehabilitation Centre. Today he's on the move to a new - much larger - outdoor enclosure.  He will spend the next few months in this larger space, with food to browse as he...

Lynx in 360 Video

3:50 min video - Lynx are the Feline, or cat, of the North. This carnivore has adapted well to its home in the Boreal forest with camouflage, excellent vision and hearing, large furred paws and long powerful legs. They are not the cuddling kind of cat, but in this...

Phase 2 – Increasing Services

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve reopened to the public June 1st, 2020 with Phase 1. The Preserve closed March 23rd, 2020 for the safety and well-being of our animals, staff and visitors. The Preserve is open daily from 10:30am to 5:30pm with modified services and will...

What’s in the Feed Station: Moose?

3:45 min Video -Hello and welcome to the moose feeding station! The feeding stations exist to make my job easier. Inside they have a big bag of pellets, a bale of hay, a bucket and scoop, a rake, a shovel, a pitchfork, a broom and a feeding chart. The moose get 25 lbs...

Royal and Magnificent Elk

1.5 min read - Have you seen our bull elk lately - striding regally across his habitat like a king checking his realm?The magnificence of the elk and his European cousin, the red deer stag, has inspired many legends and made its way into European heraldry (the art of...

Red Fox in 360 Video

4.5 min video - watch in either English or French - Wild and curious Red Foxes are a common sight in the Yukon. The natural adaptability and resourcefulness of this species makes them well-suited to coping with human presence, but sometimes they need us to remember...

Arctic Fox Adaptations in 360 Video

4 min video - watch in either English or French - Surviving in the North is not for everyone. Those who make it need more than strength and endurance, they also need the ability to adapt to a challenging climate! Arctic Foxes are well-adapted to their frozen home in...

Nest Box Mysteries

10 minute read -  Those bird houses do the same thing as the ones you might have in your backyard – provide a safe home for birds to lay their eggs and raise their young. Bird biologists usually call bird houses “nest boxes” when they’re used for ecological...

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Yukon Wildlife Preserve
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Jess Pizzol
Jess Pizzol
00:55 09 Dec 19
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, I highly recommend taking the guided bus tour as it gives you the opportunity to learn from the guide about the history of the preserve and about the animals.
Jeremy T
Jeremy T
12:18 24 Oct 19
If you like taking pictures this place won't disappoint. Lots of photo ops to be had. The animals all appear healthy and the enclosures are huge. Staff were super friendly and helpful. Makes for a nice walk. A definite experience not to miss if visiting Whitehorse and surrounds.
Sridhar Chilimuri
Sridhar Chilimuri
13:40 11 Oct 19
It is in my opinion a glorified zoo with a beautiful location. The animals are all fenced in with limited space to move. The animals looked healthy and well managed. It takes about an hour or so to view them. You can walk, easy hike,or take a bus tour with a guide. I recommend the walk unless you have difficulty walking. The bus does stop and all animals are easily visible. If you do want to see such a wide variety in a small space this would be a place to go. Adequate parking - not much of food - some soft drinks. Easy drive from White Horse.
Kimberly Jakeman
Kimberly Jakeman
16:35 09 Sep 19
Great place to get a look at some of the beautiful animals. We were very lucky to be able to see each animal which is not always the case. The guide was great and very knowledgeable. They have a bus route where you can jump on and off to see the animals close up or you can do a walking tour. Well worth the visit
Ginger Dean
Ginger Dean
06:30 30 Jun 19
Really great way to see some animals in their natural habitat. It's also educational and they have information about each animal that is found native in that area. There's some beautiful views. When I went, I had the pleasure of seeing sheep, goats, mouse, bison, foxes, and elk. There were also babies and one of the elk was in the process of giving birth. Cool stuff! You can tell the animals are well cared for.
Eleanor Scott
Eleanor Scott
18:02 10 Mar 19
We enjoyed the guided bus tour on a sunny clear afternoon. We were lucky enought to get a good look of all the animals in the care of the preserve including the shy lynx, arctic and red foxes and Musk Ox. The driver/interpreter was knowledgeable and well paced. A great excursion if you are in the area
Valerie Yuen
Valerie Yuen
21:22 07 Mar 19
We had a great time at the wildlife preserve. Overall was a 5km walk to check out many wild animals. We saw some bison, moose, deer, elk... and arctic fox!! We spent almost 2 hours walking and taking our time on a clear sunny day. Would definitely come back.
Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke
01:06 03 Mar 19
Interesting selection of local animals. Could use some enclosures to protect the humans from the wind. Come well dressed!
Elizabeth Carette
Elizabeth Carette
06:36 11 Feb 19
I absolutely love the Yukon Wildlife Preserve! A great opportunity to see wildlife up close and a nice 5km walk around in all seasons. Staff are friendly and knowledgable and the cost is very reasonable, especially if you buy a season's pass. All in all a great place to spend a few hours!
Caitlyn MacMaster
Caitlyn MacMaster
00:56 12 Nov 18
Lots of interesting wildlife. Informative signs - even better if you do the bus tour, as the staff are very knowledgeable and have great stories about the animals. See elk, bison, mule deer, moose, sheep, mountain goats, caribou, lynx, foxes, and muskoxen! Beautiful scenery, too! If you're local, definitely worth the annual pass. Good value!
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This squad is looking mighty fresh compared to just a few months previous - like many of us, perhaps?

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How the squad looks after getting their hair done

Musk oxen have been living in the frozen Arctic for thousands of years. Armed with an extremely thick, two-layered coat, they have adapted well ... See more

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