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Moose Hair Loss Study

This article was originally published in The Preserve Post newsletter in Spring 2019. In April 2022 Emily et al., published a paper Improving Widescale Monitoring of Ectoparasite Presence in Northern Canadian Wildlife with the Aid of Citizen Science on this project....

Language of Love

15 minute read and listen - With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we all have love on the brain... at least us humans do. Here at the Preserve the ungulates have already gone through their respective courtship rituals back in the fall. Nonetheless, it seems like a...

The Antler and Breeding Cycle Featuring Moose

10 minute read - Deer species are hoofed, ruminant mammals forming the family Cervidae. The primary deer species in the Yukon include: Moose -  the largest of the species; Caribou, Elk and Mule and White-tailed Deer which have migrated in from Alberta and British...

Royal and Magnificent Elk

1.5 min read - Have you seen our bull elk lately - striding regally across his habitat like a king checking his realm?The magnificence of the elk and his European cousin, the red deer stag, has inspired many legends and made its way into European heraldry (the art of...

Swipe Right (for Antlers)

Only animals in the deer (or cervid) family grow antlers. That includes elk, deer, moose and caribou. Animals like Bison, Sheep and Goats are part of a different family and grow horns, not antlers. We’ll tackle that in another video/post!  With the exception of...


General Overviews

Yukon Government- Elk
A brief overview of elk in the Yukon.

Hinterland Who’s Who- North American Elk
The site provides a detailed overview of elk behaviours, range, and conservation in North America.

Bones and Cartilage by Brian Hall
Not a source specific to elk but it gives an in-depth look at the development of antlers and gives an evolutionary explanation for the elk’s vestigial canines!

Yukon Specific 

Beringia Centre- Elk
How long have elk been in North America? A really long time! Learn about their ice age arrival in the Yukon here.

Environment of Yukon-Elk
The management plan for the Braeburn and Takhini elk herds that were released in the Yukon beginning in the 1950s. This plan focuses on maintaining their health and managing their impact in the territory. Last updated 2016.

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