Group Tours

Group Tour Options

If you would like to visit with a large group, or you have special scheduling, or other requirements a step-on or charter may be for you!


One of our guides will “Step-on” to your tour vehicle. This is a good option for large groups and / or groups on a tight schedule.


You specially reserve one of the Preserve’s tour busses for your group! It seats up to 22-24, and is ideal for groups that don’t have access to a larger vehicle of their own.

Other Group Options

We have other group tour options/pricing available for:

School Groups

Community Groups (camp groups, youth programming, pre-schools/day cares, vulnerable sector programming)

VIP Tours (including Exclusive Experiences and Photography Tours)


$28 / Adult (19+)
$21 / Child (4-18)
$0 / infant (0-3 with parents)

Prices subject to change.

  • -10% Large Group (12+ with single payment, pre-booking recommended, not available online)
  • Contact us for Discounts for:

Please Note: Discounts not valid with any other offers / discounts. Valid only for general admissions and guided tours. Discounts do not apply to Minimum Charges, Exclusive Experiences, or Special Programming rates. Membership benefits are not applicable for group visits with Special Discounts. Contact us for more information.


To book please call or email:

Step-on Conditions

  • Pre-booking required.
  • 1.5 – 2 hours (less than 1.5 hours is not possible)
  • $130 Minimum Charge
  • Requires Class 4 Vehicle or bigger with at least one available seat (closest to driver) for YWP Guide
  • One complimentary driver and one complimentary guide / group leader.
  • Guide/driver must be competent in English (see Charters for non-English speaking guides/drivers)
  • Booking and Cancellation Policy Applies.

Charter Conditions

  • Pre-booking required
  • 1.5 – 2 hoursĀ (less than 1.5 hours is not possible)
  • $195 Minimum Charge
  • One complimentary guide / group leader.
  • Booking and Cancellation Policy Applies
  • One of the YWP’s tour busses is a wheelchair accessible, low-floor bus (configurations include: 22 passengers / 19 passengers + 1 wheelchair / 16 passengers + 2 wheelchairs). Please specify if your group requires this vehicle.

Guided Tour Experience

Experience 12+ iconic Yukon species spread over 350 acres on a 5km loop. Our 1 1/2 hour guided tours takes you past open grasslands, forest, wetlands and cliffs. Tours make lots of stops for closer viewing and photos!

Knowlegeable Wildlife Interpreters will give your guests a greater appreciation of Yukon’s incredble wildlife.

FAQ, Rules and Accessibility

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