Nature Camps

Nature Camps

Nature camps are a chance for kids and youth to engage with animals and the environment, explore nature, and have fun doing it!

Full-day camps run during school breaks: winter, spring, and summer.

Starting in February 2024, camps are also available on some school holidays, PD days, and some weekends!

Camps may include transportation between Whitehorse and the Preserve daily. You will find transportation information in your camp’s description.



Transportation Changes

For those who have attended Nature Camps in the past, please note that the way we run transportation from Whitehorse to Yukon Wildlife Preserve is changing in February 2024. Check the “Dates, Times, and Transportation” button at the bottom of this page for more details. You can also find more details under your specific camp’s information.

When booking a camp, make sure you select one of the new transportation options!


PD Day & School Holiday Camps

On days school is not in session, join our team to explore Yukon’s wildlife! Camps are available for ages 6-8 and 9-12 on:

  • February 23
  • April 1
  • May 3

Individual days of camp can be booked for $80 per day, or register for all three sessions together for a $225.

Pickup and dropoff are available at:

  • Selkirk Elementary (Riverdale) at 8:00am, drop off at 4:30pm. $9/day.
  • Takhini Elementary (Takhini/Downtown) at 8:25am, drop off at 4:05pm. $7/day
  • Jack Hulland Elementary (Porter Creek) at 8:45am, drop off at 3:45pm. $5/day.
  • Yukon Wildlife Preserve at 9:15am, drop off at 3:20pm. No transportation charge.
March Break Camps

We are once again excited to welcome campers to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve during Spring Break. This year we will be running two camps each week, both cost $365.

  • Week 1 (March 11-15)
    • Ages 6-8: Spring Snow Survival
    • Ages 9-12: Arts and Crafts and Snow Camp
  • Week 2 (March 18-22)
    • Ages 6-8: Spring Snow Survival
    • Ages 9-12: Spring Snow Survival

Pickup and dropoff are available at:

  • Selkirk Elementary (Riverdale) at 8:30am, drop off at 4:30pm. $45 for five days.
  • Takhini Elementary (Takhini/Downtown) at 8:55am, drop off at 4:05pm. $35 for five days.
  • Jack Hulland Elementary (Porter Creek) at 9:15am, drop off at 3:45pm. $25 for five days.
  • Yukon Wildlife Preserve at 9:45am, drop off at 3:20. No transportation charge.

Weekend Science Camps

Calling all budding biologists! Our new weekend science camps will not only introduce kids to biological research happening in Yukon and around the world, but campers also get to be a part of ongoing research! In each session we will be exploring how biologists study the world around us and contributing data on projects here in the territory and around the world. Camps are $375 each.

  • Science Through the Seasons: First Saturday of every month from February to June (five sessions).
  • Spring Science: Every Saturday from May 11-June 8 (five sessions).

Transportation is available from:

  • Takhini Elementary School: $35 for five days, drop-off at 9:00am and pick-up at 4:00pm.
  • Yukon Wildlife Preserve: no charge, drop-off at 9:45am and pick-up at 3:15pm.
Summer Break Camp

Welcome to summer Nature Camps! Each week we will have camps for kids ages 5 years and 9 months to 12 years old.

We are offering transportation from Selkirk Elementary, Takhini Elementary, Jack Hulland Elementary, and Hidden Valley Elementary this year. Pick-up and drop-off times are listed below. When booking camp you will be prompted to pick a transportation option.

    LocationPick up TimeDrop off TimeCost
    Selkirk Elementary (Riverdale)8:30am3:30pm$45
    Takhini Elementary8:30am3:30pm$35
    Jack Hulland Elementary (Porter Creek)8:50am3:10pm$25
    Hidden Valley Elementary9:00am3:00pm$20
    Yukon Wildlife Preserve9:20am2:40pmFree


    AfterCamp is available this year! If your camper is interested in a longer camp experience, or if you would prefer to pick them up later in the day, you can! AfterCamp will take your camper on adventures around the Whitehorse area to explore our natural world. Pick-up from AfterCamp happens at 5:00pm at Takhini Elementary every day. AfterCamp is $75 per week.


    Camps run every week, Monday to Friday, through the summer. Each week has a different mix of themes so that you camper can explore their own interests! For more information on camp themes, please check the booking page or the “Summer Camp Themes” section of this page.

    2023-2024 Schedule


    Registration OpensCamp Runs
    Winter CampLikely September 2024, stay tuned for updatesWinter Break
    March Break CampOpen now!

    March 11-15

    March 18-22

    Weekend CampsOpen now!Saturdays in May & June
    PD Day & School Holiday CampOpen now!

    February 23

    April 1

    May 3

    Summer CampJanuary 22, 2024 at 12:00pmWeekly, June 17-August 16

    Last updated December 1, 2023

    Summer Camp Themes

    We have some returning favourites this year, as well as some all new themes for campers to explore.

    Animal Care

    Available for ages 6-8 and 9-12.

    How do you take care of an injured owl? What do we feed the lynx? Campers will explore the world of animal care at Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

    Campers will help to prepare food, feed animals, work in animal enclosures, and explore how to care for animals at the Preserve, at home, and around the world.

    Camps run every week for ages 6-8 and alternating weeks for ages 9-12.


    Outdoor Explorers

    Available for ages 6-8 and 8-10.

    For campers who are still learning to be comfortable in nature, we have developed a new camp experience. Campers will meet Preserve animals, find snacks in the forest, and play games as they explore the Yukon’s natural world.

    Camps for ages 6-7: June 17-21, July 15-19, August 12-16.

    Camps for ages 8-10: June 24-28, July 29-August 2.


    Wilderness Skills

    Available for ages 8-12.

    For campers who are already comfortable in nature, join our team on some backcountry explorations. Campers will learn new skills from the animals at the Preserve and our amazing staff.

    If your camper is not yet comfortable in the forest we recommend signing up for Outdoor Explorers instead.

    Camps for ages 9-12: June 17-21, Jun 24-28, July 8-12, August 5-9.


    Art in Nature

    Available for ages 6-8.

    Summers at Yukon Wildlife Preserve are absolutely gorgeous and we want to share that with campers! Through multiple media we will share and showcase how artists and scientists document and communicate the world to those around them.

    Camps for ages 6-8: July 1-5, August 5-9.


    Summer Science

    Available for ages 6-8 and 9-12.

    Science is not some abstract thing happening in a far off laboratory; science is happening all around us, every day. Campers will participate in research projects to help understand animals and ecosystems in Yukon and beyond!

    Camps for ages 6-8: July 1-5, July 29-August 2, August 12-16.

    Camps for ages 9-12: July 15-19, July 22-26.


    Forestry & Loggersports

    Available for ages 9-12.

    There are a lot of trees in Yukon, and we are going to introduce campers to as many of them as possible! We’ll also be participating in some loggersports games as we explore the complicated relationships between humans and forests. From understanding what makes Yukon trees so darn weird to learning how to safely navigate the forests of the territory, we’re going to have a lot of fun!

    Camps for ages 9-12: July 8-12, July 22-26.


    Schedule for Summer Nature Camps

    More About Nature Camps


    Nature Camps are day camps at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

    Gift your child with the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and connect with the world around them. We believe in the importance of positive outdoor experiences to support physical, mental and emotional health.

    Our Nature Camps are a series of day camps for outdoor enthusiasts. Camps are conducted in small, age-appropriate groups; eligible ages vary based on season, program, and capacity. Check the camp registration page for more information.

    The majority of camp takes place at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, located 30 km from downtown Whitehorse. Camps may also include field trips to local attractions.

    The bulk of Nature Camp will be conducted outdoors. Camps are based out of a dedicated 1600 sq. foot learning centre at the heart of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. This space is great for inclement weather.

    Dates, Times and Transportation

    For full information on schedules, available camps, and more details please see our online booking system. The online system updates automatically when spaces are filled or become available.

    Transportation is available for most camps from one or more elementary schools in Whitehorse. Check your camp’s details to find transportation details, availability, and costs. When you book a camp you will be prompted to choose a transportation option.

    Please note: in past, Yukon Wildlife Preserve included the cost in transportation from Takhini Elementary School in the price of camps. Starting in February 2024, this is changing for two main reasons:

    • Campers dropped off at the Preserve were still paying full price despite receiving an hour less staff time than those who were dropped off in town;
    • A majority of guardians who answered our camp survey indicated that they would prefer to drop off their campers at a location in their own neighbourhood. To reflect the different costs in picking up campers in Hidden Valley, Riverdale, Copper Ridge, or elsewhere, we are moving to a model where each pick up and drop off location has a different cost associated with it.

    We have lowered the core price of camp to partially offset the costs of this change.


    Cost and Discounts

    Camp Cost

    • Week-long camps (i.e.: March Break) and week-end camps (also 5 sessions long) are $365
      • Transportation for the week is an additional $45 from Selkirk, $35 from Takhini, $25 from Jack Hulland, and $0 for drop-off at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.
    • One day PD/holiday camps are $80
      • Transportion is an additional $9 from Selkirk, $7 from Takhini,  $5 from Jack Hulland, and $0 for drop-off at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

    Member Discount

    * Members get a 10% discount! Before registration, renew or purchase membership here, then use the discount code mightymoose when registering for Nature Camp to receive your member discount. Please note, we will invoice you for the amount of the discount if you use the code without a valid membership.

    Eligible Ages

    The age ranges for each camp vary based on the camp’s content and activities. You camper will need to be the required age on the first day of camp.

    Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis. If your camper is close to the age requirement (usually within about 3-4 months of eligibility) please email for more information. Exceptions are not available when most of the campers currently registered are much older or much younger than your camper. Exceptions are also not available for camps that are already fully booked.

    Learning Differences and Accommodations

    Inclusion & Support Workers

    We welcome support workers at Nature Camps. If a typical school day would not be accomplished without a support worker, your camper will likely need a support worker to help them at camp. Please let us know so we can plan to include your child and their support worker. Please contact our Manager of Programming & Education at 867-334-3338 / to make arrangements.


    Campers with Additional Needs

    Our goal is to make every camper feel comfortable and safe at Nature Camp. Especially if your camper experiences challenges during a normal school day or at other day camps, we want to be prepared to help them have the best camp experience! Please let us know if your camper has any additional needs and how we can help them have a positive camp experience.

    Cancellation Policy
    If cancellation occurs more than two weeks prior to the Nature Camp start date, the Yukon Wildlife Preserve will retain 20 per cent as an administrative fee on refunds. Generally, for cancellations occurring two weeks or less prior to the Nature Camp start date, no refund or transfer will be given.
    However, should cancellation within two weeks of the start date or during a Nature Camp be required due to medical or compassionate reasons, guardians can submit a request to cancel to, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A prorated refund for the remaining full days (at the time of request) may be provided depending on the circumstances. No shows, missed days during the week, and missed days prior to a cancellation request are not eligible for refunds.
    The Yukon Wildlife Preserve reserves the right to cancel camps that are less than half full. In this event, a transfer or full refund will be provided. In the event the Yukon Wildlife Preserve needs to cancel a camp mid-week, a prorated refund for the remaining full days will be provided. 
    Winter Weather Cancellations
    Camper and staff safety is extremely important to our team. For camps taking place during the winter, the following additional procedures are in place:
    1. The week prior to Winter Nature Camp, staff will be monitoring the weather forecast. If the forecast weather calls for severe winter storms or sustained temperatures below -30 degrees, camp will not run. Camp staff will notify you by email and issue refunds.
      1. If the weather is forcast to change significantly throughout the week, camp staff may issue a partial cancellation for the first day(s) of camp. Refunds for partial cancellations will be issued at the end of the camp.
    2. Each day prior to Winter Nature Camp starting, staff will check the current conditions and forecast weather. If the weather does not allow for safe camp operation, you will receive a phone call before 7:30am informing you of the cancellation. Refunds for day-of cancellations will be issued at the end of the camp.


    What to bring?

    Please ensure that your child is dressed suitably for spending time outdoors, with potential inclement weather conditions, and brings everything they need for the day. The following are essential to your child’s enjoyment, health and wellness:


    • Clothes to play outside
    • Backpack
    • Lunch, snacks, and refillable water bottle;
    • Sunglasses;
    • Rain boots;
    • Extra change of clothes;
    • Rain Jacket


    • Bug spray
    • Close-toed shoes (sandals are not appropriate for all camp activites)
    • Sunscreen;
    • Sun hat.


    • More layers of clothes than you think – we will be outside a lot, and it’s nice to have dry things to change into.

    Please make sure your child is prepared!

    Note: We have a no electronics rule at nature camp.

    Waiting Lists

    Guardians may register their child(ren) on waiting lists through the camp registration website. In past years we have had waiting lists on almost all weeks. When a spot becomes available, ALL individuals on the list for that week will automatically receive a notice that a space is available. Registration for the newly available spot will be first come, first serve.

    For more information, please contact:

    Neil Tracey
    Manager of Programming and Education
    Yukon Wildlife Preserve