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Dawson Lynx

Take a look at this lynx. Does something look off to you? Those red splotches in her eyes are blood. A car hit her outside of Dawson City in mid-May, 2018. The driver got her to a local vet, who gave her a few stitches to repair a laceration in her leg. But her...

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Phenology of Molt in Mountain Goats

All mammals shed but some shed more hair and more slowly than others. Mountain goats are one such mammal. Remarkably, we know very little about their molt or about the molt of most mammals and birds. Knowing how our warming climate might affect cold-adapted animals...

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Traditional knowledge, to me, is generation upon generation of events and experiences carefully preserved in language, stories, names and songs. Lifetimes of information passed from grandparent to grandchild largely unchanged in the telling. Before I was brought in to...

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The Gift That Gives Back

This limited edition, very special hat (or toque as we Canadians like to call it), was made exclusively in the Yukon. This hat directly supports the diverse community that makes this place and its people so unique! Hand-knitted in Whitehorse The Yukon Campfire Hat...

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