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Grassland Habitats – Yukon Wildlife Preserve

10 min read -The Yukon Wildlife Preserve features eleven iconic northern animal species, but if you look closely at each of the three primary habitats on the Preserve you’ll see many more species than "only" eleven. The three primary habitats include: grasslands,...

Free Protein and Sexual Success

10 minute Read - Free Protein and Sexual Success : the benefits of infanticide and cannibalism for northern squirrel populations If you’ve spent some time in the Yukon, you’re familiar with the seasonal challenges the territory can throw your way: the wildly varying...


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Arctic Ground Squirrels in Yukon from Department of Environment, Yukon Government.






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Territoriality and male reproductive success in arctic ground squirrels by Eileen A. Lacey and John R. Wieczorek:
This article covers a study done on arctic ground squirrel mating behaviours in a colony from the Kluane Game Sanctuary right here in the Yukon. The aim of the study was to determine whether territorial ownership and defense corresponded to better reproductive success for male ground squirrels. In other words, does owning and defending territory grant male ground squirrels exclusive access to the female ground squirrels residing there. The answer is: sort of but not really. 

Sexually selected infanticide by male red squirrels in advance of a mast year by Haines, J.A., Coltman, D.W., Dantzer, B., Gorrell, J.C., Humphries, M.M., Lane, J.E., McAdam, A.G., & Boutin, S.
This study conducted as part of the Kluane Red Squirrel Project noted cases of infanticide by male red squirrels during masting years (seasons when trees produce the most seeds). This paper describes that study and explores the possible reason behind infanticide during a time of food abundance.

Arctic ground squirrel population collapse in the boreal
forests of the Southern Yukon
Jeffery R. Werner, Charles J. Krebs, Scott A. Donker, Rudy Boonstra, and Michael J. Sheriff.
This study explores population collapse in the Kluane area of southern Yukon of particular note between 2000-2013 of the Arctic ground squirrel population. The study explores predation as initial cause of collapse with continued low popoulation in these areas. 

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