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Fall In to Autumn

5 minute read -  Autumn is a season of change! It’s the bridge which helps us transition from summer towards winter. What a beautiful bridge it is, with leaves blazing colour in vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow. Fireweed has flowered and the leaves are crimson....

Wetlands Habitats – Yukon Wildlife Preserve

13 minute read - The Yukon Wildlife Preserve features eleven iconic northern animal species, but if you look closely at each of the three primary habitats on the Preserve you’ll see many more species than “only” eleven. The three primary habitats include: grasslands,...

Moose on the Move

3:47 video Our young orphaned moose has outgrown his room in the Preserve's Research and Rehabilitation Centre. Today he's on the move to a new - much larger - outdoor enclosure.  He will spend the next few months in this larger space, with food to browse as he...

What’s in the Feed Station: Moose?

3:45 min Video -Hello and welcome to the moose feeding station! The feeding stations exist to make my job easier. Inside they have a big bag of pellets, a bale of hay, a bucket and scoop, a rake, a shovel, a pitchfork, a broom and a feeding chart. The moose get 25 lbs...

Swipe Right (for Antlers)

Only animals in the deer (or cervid) family grow antlers. That includes elk, deer, moose and caribou. Animals like Bison, Sheep and Goats are part of a different family and grow horns, not antlers. We’ll tackle that in another video/post!  With the exception of...


Traditional knowledge, to me, is generation upon generation of events and experiences carefully preserved in language, stories, names and songs. Lifetimes of information passed from grandparent to grandchild largely unchanged in the telling. Before I was brought in to...


General Overviews

Moose in the Yukon from Department of Environment, Yukon Government.

This page has all the basics for moose in the Yukon, including Tracks, scat, range and more!

Moose Page from Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

A well researched (and cited), more detailed overview of moose biology / life history. Not Yukon specific but a great starting place.

Yukon Specific Research 

Yukon Winter Tick Monitoring – Moose

This is citizen science based project that is a collarboation between Environment Yukon and researchers at the University of Toronto. A goal to find out more about winter ticks (not just moose but on other ungulates also) and where they could be in future given the effects of climate change. The Preserve moose were a control (known to not have ticks) and trail camera were set up to show no infection. You can read more about the article by Emily Chenery here.

Moose a Relateively new species to the Yukon – 

Read the story shared by Yukon News including interview with local paleontologist Grant Zazula on a recently published paper about the history of moose in Yukon. 

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