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Mountain Slopes – Yukon Wildlife Preserve

11 min read - The Yukon Wildlife Preserve features eleven iconic northern animal species, but if you look closely at each of the three primary habitats on the Preserve you’ll see many more species than “only” eleven. The three primary habitats include: grasslands,...

Doctor visit: Mountain Goats!

8 min read -  During daily rounds to check on the health of the residents, Animal Care staff notice that the eldest male goat, Geronimo, appears to have a cracked hoof. Staff veterinarian Dr. Maria Hallock is concerned he may have cracked it close to the blood supply....

Cliff Hanger at Dawn!

The rising sun bathes the cliffs in the rosy hues of dawn.  In a manner I can only describe as precarious, I watch, heart in mouth, as the billy goat stands on his back feet while on a sheer cliff slope.  His front legs dangle loose in the air, all the better to...

Phenology of Molt in Mountain Goats

All mammals shed but some shed more hair and more slowly than others. Mountain goats are one such mammal. Remarkably, we know very little about their molt or about the molt of most mammals and birds. Knowing how our warming climate might affect cold-adapted animals...


General Overviews

 Mineral lick use by GPS-collard mountain goats in SE BC  – from Western North American Naturalist.

This study monitored radio collared mountain goats in order to determine the location and frequency of use of mineral licks in British Columbia. Mineral licks are a very important part of mountain goat diet and this study allowed researchers to locate previously unknown mineral licks, how far mountain goats would travel to reach them, when they were used, and if they were used by male or female goats.

Maternal defensive behavior of mountain goats against predation by Golden Eagles  – from Western North American Naturalist.

Adult mountain goats don’t have to worry themselves with many threats other than gravity and other goats but golden eagles are a going concern for young mountain goat kids.

A descriptive analysis of the climbing mechanics of a mountain goat   by R.T. Lewinson and D.J. Stefanyshyn published in Zoology:

Mountain goats are some of the finest rock climbers found in nature. This article uses a small sample size to take an introductory look at the locomotion that lends itself to these masterful climbing skills.

Yukon Specific Research 

Molt Phenology in Mountain Goats 

Read more about this Project that examined the patterns and phenology of mountain goats’ winter coat molt in relation to warming. You can read how the Preserve’s goats played an important role in the photo sampling and control population in our blog section of the website where Kataryzna Nowak takes you through the short version of the work that went into the assesmment of molting goats and the photo analyzing.  

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