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How are Animals Named?

11 min read - Throughout history, various languages and cultures have contributed to a wide - and often confusing - vocabulary used to describe animals' genders, the young stages of their lives and what they may be called when they are gathered together in groups.Mule...

Bison vs. Muskox

2 minute read - Bison versus muskox! What's the same? What's different? Who is more cool? Top 5 reasons muskox and bison are NOT the same animal, at all. One of the first animals visitors see when they explore the Preserve is bison. As folks continue to explore the...

Moose Hair Loss Study

This article was originally published in The Preserve Post newsletter in Spring 2019. In April 2022 Emily et al., published a paper Improving Widescale Monitoring of Ectoparasite Presence in Northern Canadian Wildlife with the Aid of Citizen Science on this project....

Feathered Friends in Rehabilitation

1 minute read - Generally, this time of year, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a lot more quiet than in the months leading up to fall. But in the final days of October the Centre got feathered with some new arrivals. October 30th, 2023 Conservation Officers from...

Yukon Collaboration Sweater

6 min readThe Visitor Services team is working hard to connect with local artist to bring the connections to nature home with you. We strongly feel that by taking the time to explore these partnerships we can create unique items that guests to the Preserve can take...

Peashrub Pull

3 min read -What's happening to the bushes beside the bison habitat? These bushes are Siberian peashrub (Caragana arborescens). They are also known as the pea-tree or caragana. This species doesn’t belong here; it is an invasive species. Yukon Wildlife Preserve...

Arctic Fox Passes Away

6 minute readIt is with a heavy heart that announce the passing of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve’s lone Arctic Fox. She was 14 years old. After her most recent check-up our Animal Care Team made the difficult decision to euthanize her on July 23rd. Her condition had...

Annual Report for 2022-23

Contents About the Preserve in 2022-23 President's Report Treasurer's Report Executive Director's Report Operations Report Animal Care Report Wildlife Rehabilitation Report Visitors Services Report Education and Programing Report The Preserve in 2023-24 AGM Details...

Swallow Bugs – Nasty Migratory Hitchhikers

3 min read - Recently the south Yukon has welcomed back the aerial acrobats of the swallow family. Barn, Cliff and Tree swallows are once again maneuvering through our back yards in search for mosquitos and other insects to eat. YAY SWALLOWS! Watching these acrobatic...

Faces of the Preserve: Doug

12 min read - It takes passion and love for Yukon’s wild spaces and the wildlife that inhabit it, to support the Yukon Wildlife Preserve - a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and protection of Yukon’s natural spaces.  Meet our Wildlife Interpreter...


General Overviews

Mule Deer in the Yukon from Department of Environment, Yukon Government.
A brief overview of the mule deer populations inhabiting the Yukon including a description of their appearance, behaviours, and a map of their range within the territory.

2019 Range-wide status of black-tail and mule deer (Mule Deer Working Group)
This is a North America wide census of mule deer populations. It discusses state/territory/province specific harvesting practices and how they vary between years. If you like mule deer and graphs, this is for you!

Mule Deer Working Group Fact Sheet:
A very detailed document put out by the Mule Deer Working group that provides plenty of information on hunting regulation, risks associated with human interaction, environmental stresses, behaviours, and more! 


Yukon Specific Research

CBC Mule Deer Survey 2015:
For the most part, the Yukon government doesn’t survey deer within the territory but in 2015, government biologists set out to get a better grasp on the growing deer numbers in the Yukon. This article gives a brief outline of how these surveys are set up and what kind of data the provide.

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