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Grassland Habitats – Yukon Wildlife Preserve

10 min read -The Yukon Wildlife Preserve features eleven iconic northern animal species, but if you look closely at each of the three primary habitats on the Preserve you’ll see many more species than "only" eleven. The three primary habitats include: grasslands,...

Red Fox in 360 Video

4.5 min video - watch in either English or French - Wild and curious Red Foxes are a common sight in the Yukon. The natural adaptability and resourcefulness of this species makes them well-suited to coping with human presence, but sometimes they need us to remember...

Pouncing Fox

A red fox streaks by on a snowy November morning.  I stop my activity, pivot and watch through the window.  While I am inside and the fox is outside, it is so close to the window of my home that I know any movement on my part will translate to sound, making this wild...


General Overviews

Red Fox in the Yukon from Department of Environment, Yukon Government.
This page has all the basics for red fox in the Yukon, including Tracks, scat, range and more!

Yukon Specific Research

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Stories 

The critter thought to be a dog definitly is a red fox! Read about the original story here.
After a successful fundraising campaign the fox lives its life out at the Preserve: 2015-04-2 – Media Release for new red fox and habitat

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