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What’s That Scat?

4 minute read. As we are out enjoying some of the many trails the Yukon has to offer, we often have to watch our step to make sure we’re not putting our boots in something smelly! These unexpected trail obstacles can be great indicators of whose habitat we are walking...

Thinhorn Mountain Sheep

10 minute read - For a long time, it was believed that there are three distinct subspecies of thinhorn Mountain Sheep in North America each of these known as: Dall, Fannin and Stone. Each subspecies displayed different colouring of their coats where Dall would be pure...

Mountain Slopes – Yukon Wildlife Preserve

11 min read - The Yukon Wildlife Preserve features eleven iconic northern animal species, but if you look closely at each of the three primary habitats on the Preserve you’ll see many more species than “only” eleven. The three primary habitats include: grasslands,...

Playful Prey

6 minute read - As many of us know from watching our dogs, cats, or children at home, young animals love to play and they play often. Play behaviour has been observed in many mammals and even in reptilesBurghardt, G. M. (2015). Play in fishes, frogs and reptiles....

A Thinhorn Sheep’s Case for Eating your Greens

Did you know you can tell a Dall sheep's age by their horns? There are dark brown grooves on the curl of the horn of a ram that are called anulis. If you count those grooves they will tell you how old he is. Actually, those grooves will tell you how many winters he's...


General Overviews

Yukon Government- Dahl’s Sheep 
These pages have all the basic information on Dahl’s sheep in the Yukon including range, characteristics, and herd behaviour.
Yukon Government- Stone’s Sheep 
A brief overview of stone’s sheep in the Yukon.

Yukon Government- Thinhorn Sheep
A detailed digital booklet put out by the Yukon Government that provides an in-depth look at the Yukon’s thinhorn sheep population. Learn about their horn growth, genetic variation, and more!

Hinterland Who’s Who- Mountain Sheep 
This page provides information on all types of North American mountain sheep, not just thinhorns. You can find useful comparisons here of bighorn vs. thinhorn sheep!



Yukon Specific Research

Zijian Sim’s Research Gate Page featuring Thinhorn Sheep articles
Zijian Sim is a PhD student in the department of biological sciences at the University of Alberta who has studied thinhorn sheep in BC and the Yukon. His papers on horn size and genetic diversity in thinhorn sheep are available here.

Wild Sheep Foundation Magazine
Republished by Yukon Fish and Game Association. Ashley McEnroe write up on Yukon control order as a unique proactive piece of legislation to protect wild sheep. From summer 2019 edition. Some comparisons to other jurisdictions like BC, NWT and Alaska. Connects hunters to DOE chief veterinarian, to First Nations within article.

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