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The Visitor Services team is working hard to connect with local artist to bring the connections to nature home with you. We strongly feel that by taking the time to explore these partnerships we can create unique items that guests to the Preserve can take home all while knowing their purchase in the Preserve’s Little Gift Shop not only supports these northern people but all revenue from the retail sales goes back into the operations of the Preserve, supporting the northern animals in our care.

Right now the Preserve does not do online sales. We’re a really small team that is situated out of town, and with some staff also living out of town, doing online sales and shipping feels a bit outside our capacities for the time being. 

Yukon Built is selling stock of these sweaters online – check it out!

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Photo of moose in water.

Way back in 2020, when travel came to a near stand-stil, Lindsay, Manager of Visitor Services, started exploring ideas for the Preserve’s Little Gift Shop to help diversify our products and bring them a little closer to home. We wanted products that celebrated our community and are inspired by anc created in the Yukon, the North. I had a bit more time then to explore connections with Yukon artist and from that over the years we created hats, mugs, and necktubes, and stickers and t-shirts.

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From this we started to connect with locals for the first time through our gift shop, previously, mostly non-local visitors were supporting the gift shop with purchases to commemorate their visit. We just didn’t have items in the gift shop that seemed to spark the interest of our local community. 

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Photo credit: J.Paleczny

Over the years, I heard visitors and staff alike say we needed a sweater in the gift shop. After collaborating with Tedd Tucker for a YWP special design t-shirt, and the popularity of this, we knew we wanted to go back to this talent and get some help with some new design idea that would fit well on a sweater. 

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Photo of team providing care for moose in the field.

We also knew there was a strong, well-loved local brand that dialed in the comfy minimalist hoodie style and also did other Northern collaborations with Air North and the Yukon Quest. So, you guessed it, we reached out to Yukon Built back in December of 2020 and started, what ended up being a long (but worthy) journey to this very perfect Northern collaboration sweater! 

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Photo of staff using stethoscope to listen to moose heart rate.

Wild at heart – all the proceeds from the sweater sales will be going back into the Preserve, and directly support the Wildlife Rehabilitation program. The Preserve has been the place in the Yukon where injured and orphaned animal get a second chance at life. The support from our community, local and afar, has helped us give them the best possible veterinary care – and get that back on their feet or wings! Purchasing this sweater will also help us keep Yukon wild at heart! 

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The Preserve has grey and sage colours for sale only at their Little Gift Shop. Yukon Built store in Whitehorse is selling grey and a sandy beige colour!  Yukon Built has also elected to take a portion of their sales from each sweater sale for wildlife rehabilitation at the the Preserve. 

Learn more about wildlife rehabilition at the Preserve! 

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Photo of staff using stethoscope to listen to moose heart rate.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just hanging out, this mid-weight fleece hoodie is up for the task.

  • Features: This classic hoodie features a special edition YUKON WILDLIFE PRESERVE print, a flat draw cord, and a double-layered fleece-lined hood

  • Fit: Unisex sizing with regular fit

  • Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester ring-spun fleece

  • Care: Due to the cotton content, this hoodie may shrink a little! Wash in cold water with like colours and air dry.

Sweater                          $75
(with each sweater sale proceeds go towards Wildlife Rehabilitation). 

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Photo of staff using stethoscope to listen to moose heart rate.
Lindsay Caskenette

Lindsay Caskenette

Manager Visitor Services

Lindsay joined the Wildlife Preserve team March 2014. Originally from Ontario, she came to the Yukon in search of new adventures and new career challenges. Lindsay holds a degree in Environmental Studies with honours from Wilfrid Laurier University and brings with her a strong passion for sharing what nature, animals, and the environment can teach us.


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