How to Support

How to Support

We’re on a mission and so we’re always looking for ways to make the most of our resources so we can have the greatest impact on our community.

Here’s some of the ways you can help us achieve our mission:



In-Kind Donations

  • We’re currently looking for financial and/or in-kind donations and/or sponsorship opportunities for Equipment and Supplies.
  • The Yukon Wildlife Preserve can provide tax-receipts for in-kind donations. A 3rd party appraisal / valuation may be required.


  • We can recipropcate your cash or in-kind support with PR and advertising for your business and perks for your team. Find out more about sponsorship opportunities with the Preserve.

Volunteering / Helping Out

Visit and Spread the Word

  • Come out for a visit – and bring your friends and family!
  • Spread the word – word of mouth matters, in person and on-line!

Equipment and Supplies

We are currently seeking financial or in-kind support for:

What: Pick-up trucks in good working condition. Preferably 1-ton flat decks.

Why: These do the lions share of feeding and daily operations on-site, but our fleet is old and breaking down. Currently our entire Animal Care / Operations fleet is at least 20 years old (our newest work truck is a ’99).

What: Commercial bagging lawn-mower.

Why: Due to heavy use of some parts of our habitats, foxtail barley is thriving. We need the tools to remove these plants as they are harmful to our animals health when ingested. A bagging lawn-mower is the most efficient, non-chemical way to handle foxtail barley.


Become a Sponsor

Our mission is to connect our visitors to the natural world through memorable experiences in large natural landscapes. We care for Yukon’s most vulnerable wildlife and build nature literacy through engaging programs. Join us in building communities that are wild at heart!

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