Wildlife Emergencies

1. Does the animal need help?

For information on how to determine if an animal needs your help please visit the Internatonal Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.

Baby bird? Check out the flowchart.

We do not recommend picking up wildlife, attempting to handle wildlife or removing any wildlife from the wild.

Attempting to handle any injured wildlife – especially birds of prey, lynx, and foxes – puts you and the animal at risk.

Removing young / baby wildlife from their environment should only be done by trained experts (i.e. CO Services). It is not unusual for parents of some species to leave baby’s by themselve for portions of the day. Just because a baby animal is alone, doesn’t mean its been abandoned. Your presence may be causing the parent to stay away!

2. Contact CO Services

If you have a wildlife emergency please contact Conservation Officer Services at the Yukon Department of Environment at 1-800-661-0525.

CO Services and YG’s Animal Health Unit will respond and evaluate an appropriate course of action (which may include bringing it to the YWP).

While the YWP can accept injured wildlife, we do not have a field response team to conduct rescues. CO Services has ultimate authority over all injured and orphaned wildlife that comes to the YWP. The YWP cannot accept any animal (however small) without approval from CO Services.

Calling CO Services at 1-800-661-0525 is an essential step.

3. Still unsure?

Reach out to our Veterinarian, Dr. Maria Hallock. Please leave a message as our staff are often out on rounds.

If it is an evening or weekend, please call Randy Hallock.


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