Arctic Fox Adaptations in 360 Video

by Erin Jamieson | Jun 15, 2020 | Arctic Fox | 0 comments

4 min video – watch in either English or French – 

Surviving in the North is not for everyone. Those who make it need more than strength and endurance, they also need the ability to adapt to a challenging climate! Arctic Foxes are well-adapted to their frozen home in many ways. To learn more, watch this curriculum based video for schoolkids of all ages, then check out our website!

As you can see, the Arctic Foxes here at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve still have their winter coats on, but take a look at their muzzle for darker bits of fur showing through – that’s a sign they have begun shedding their winter coat.  These foxes might look cute, but they have also adapted to thrive in a really tough environment.

Survivre dans le Nord n’est pas pour tout le monde. Ceux qui survivent ont besoin de force, d’endurance et de capacité à s’adapter à un climat difficile! Les renards arctiques sont bien adaptés à leur habitat froid de plusieurs façons. Pour en apprendre plus sur les renards arctiques, regardez cette vidéo pour les étudiants – de toutes âges et visitez notre site web!

Education Team

Education Team

This 360 video is brought to you by the hard work and creativity of the Education team at Yukon Wildlife Preserve.  French translation for 2020 has been provided by Anna Tölgyesi.

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