Lynx in 360 Video

3:50 min video – 

Lynx are the Feline, or cat, of the North. This carnivore has adapted well to its home in the Boreal forest with camouflage, excellent vision and hearing, large furred paws and long powerful legs. They are not the cuddling kind of cat, but in this video you can get up close and personal with our lynx! Learn about what they like to eat and their incredible power in this latest 360 video!

Lindsay Caskenette & Julie Kerr

Lindsay Caskenette & Julie Kerr

Visitor Services Manager and Visitor Services Coordinator

Lindsay and Julie love to share the Preserve the same way they explore life – full on and full of adventure!  They have a collective love of:  Animals....Lindsay dogs, Julie foxes; Adventure.... Lindsay dog mushing, Julie extreme camping;  both take on animal personas during story telling.  Together they support the Preserve with a strong Visitor Services presence and often, they even get work done (this happens most often when the other one is out of the office).


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