School Programs

  • We are pleased to offer curriculum linked, specialized programming to Yukon students:




Fall/Winter 2018:

Nov 8th-Dec 13th

(Monday-Thursday Only)

No Cost to Yukon Students

 Early Spring 2019:

Swan Haven Programming

April 8th - April 30th 

No Cost to Yukon

Late Spring 2019:

May 10th - June 7th

No Cost to Yukon Students


$7 +GST/Student

Please note: our specialized programs aim to provide a unique experience to students - even those returning for a second or third time. Programs focus on exploring specific species at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve rather than seeing all the animals in a single trip.

See a grade/program/opportunity that we should be taking advantage of? We are always looking for input and ideas for new experiences for Yukon students - especially since new curriculum has rolled out. Contact Manager of Education and Programming, Breanna Hall at 456-7400 or

Our Philosophy

We offer high-quality, experiential programming in a natural setting with low instructor to child ratios! Our programs are an opportunity for students to actively engage with the natural world and wildlife in ways not feasible in the classroom.

We believe:

  • Students need to be active participants in their learning;
  • Nature is not just a science lesson - its a life lesson with science;
  • Unstructured, outdoor play is an essential part of learning.

Some of the ways this philosophy is expressed in our programs includes: 

  • Programs are special, unique experiences crafted for the interests and ability of that grade.
  • 'Seeing all the animals' is a passive activity - instead we use a specific theme focusing on a smaller group of species or even a single species. This allows for more variety and activity.
  • Students need to be physically active (less standing/sitting and more walking/running).
  • We don't focus on facts. Too many facts becomes boring and emotionless. 
  • We use stories - emotional narratives that help us understand who we are and how we got here (sometimes they even have facts in them)!
  • We relate to wildlife through science, culture, history, politics, math, language, social studies and more.
  • We create opportunities for unstructured learning - games and activities where students get to choose how and what they will engage with.
  • We recognize that children don't see things the way we adults do - that a muskox is cool, but sometimes the bug on the ground is cooler. Our activities take this into account, preferring the immediate, touchable experience to the look from afar experience.
  • Hiding, sneaking, running, asking questions, and more. We use these child passions - things we love(d) to do as kids - to draw students to their edges.

Our Resource:

In addition to 13+ species of Yukon's Boreal and Arctic Species on a 700 acre site, our school program resources and facilities also include:

  • Learning Centre for indoor play, stories, lunch and shelter from inclement weather;
  • Bathrooms (outhouses);
  • Emergency transportation and first-aid materials.

Programs are conducted outdoors. In the event of severe or prolonged inclement weather it may be necessary to cancel and try re-booking a program.